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July 31

One Win At A Time

We are in a good place right now, especially coming off of All-Star break and winning five of our last six games, which is very positive. We are improving day by day, practice by practice, game by game...and I'm excited about it! We are in fourth place right now and if the playoffs started tomorrow, we'd be in the playoffs facing Atlanta.

Going into our West Coast trip, everybody was focused. It's been a tough swing for Tina and me since we flew from All-Star (in Phoenix) to practice in New York for one day back out to Los Angeles. But I'm glad we had the legs to come out and play really hard. The third game of our road trip hit us; we shot terribly and didn't get the win, but overall we have been playing with a lot of intensity.

Morale on the team has been great, especially since we picked up two key players in Natasha Lacy and Swin Cash. They fit in so well, it's almost like they've been with us since the beginning of the season. The chemistry they bring, which our team already had, has been amazing.

Lacy is a similar guard as myself. She can get her own shot and help others as well. And now she adds a third dimension as a backup 1. Swin is a veteran leader who has played for Bill for many years, so she knows what he is looking for. She's an all-around winner, in my opinion, on and off the court.

Players can talk all day about what we should do, but we have been showing it. We have a handful of players that can say what they feel, and then at the same time, show it. It's important to both of these things. We want to make the playoffs, and the bottom line is that it's in our own hands.

You always want to play at home, and sleep in your own bed, but we have three more away games ahead of us. Tonight we are playing Chicago, who has beat us in our last nine games. So tonight is an important game. We have to come out with an aggressive mindset and play really, really, really hard. When you compete on the road, you have to play even tougher. And my mindset is to go after it on both ends of the floor.

It's been a tough year because I'm nursing an injury; I have my good days and I have my bad days. I feel like I can give this team so much more, but right now I'm trying to get healthy and give this team as much as I can.

I also want to thank the fans for their energy at our last home game (we had something like 13,000 fans at our last home game, which is pretty amazing for a regular-season game)...the energy was unreal! Please keep supporting us as we make our playoff push!

August 8th is our next home game and I look forward to seeing all of our fans there...packing the Garden!


July 23

Best WNBA All-Star Weekend Yet

I've played in six WNBA All-Star games, and this one was by far by the best that I've played in (besides my first one). The first reason is because I played in Phoenix; they were the team that drafted me and I won two championships I was going there on a positive note. The second reason was the atmosphere. The atmosphere was amazing, and I thought Phoenix did a great job of hosting.

A lot of the fans were saying that they miss me. It was good to hear that they were more sad that I left rather than screaming and yelling at me.

It was fun to go back there. I went to one of my favorite restaurants Fez. I took my family with me and we ate there (I love their salads, they are awesome!). I also participated in the WNBA Cares event, which is always great, and I love doing that during All-Star. This year, we were raising awareness for health and fitness, so we exercised with the kids and ran around with them. I saw a lot of the beat writers that I used to talk to and even saw a writer who wrote a book about the Mercury's 2009 Championship run. He gave me a copy of the book, and I actually had a passage in it, which was kind of cool.

I didn't have a lot of personal time because we were so busy with media, running around, practices, stuff like that. It's definitely an honor to be part of All-Star Weekend, especially in my case because the fans voted me there, so I never take that granted. But you have to be relaxed while you're there. Obviously we don't really have a break because in addition to basketball we are doing community relations and talking to the media. But the fact that you are around so many other great players, and get to learn about them off the court, I always take advantage of that.

For example, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about Shoni Schimmel. I think it was great for her that the game was in Phoenix because there are a lot of Native Americans there. And she has eight brothers and sisters that were there (I think her whole family was there if I'm not mistaken). It was cool really getting to know her. I'm sure a lot of people questioned how she was voted in, but I think she did a great job of proving why she belonged there. It was an awesome story.

The Western Conference had so many more well-known players, like Maya Moore, Candace Parker, Brittney Griner, Skylar Diggins, Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird...and everybody thought they were going to kill the East. But we came out and played great basketball, competed really hard and made the game so interesting. I think that was the best All-Star Game that I've ever been a part of. 

And I think the fans would agree. When the game finished, everybody was saying how it was the best game, that it was unbelievable, so intense, and so fun watching both teams get after it. It was cool to be a part of that for sure.

And to my fans: stay tuned as the New York Liberty fight to make a playoff push!

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